Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

Is the information I get from the Circuit Court (CCAP) website at http://wcca.wicourts.gov the same as that I pay to get from DOJ and DHFS?

No.  While the CCAP website may have information not included in the DOJ database, the information in the DOJ database dates back to 1971, while the historical information in the CCAP database varies from county to county.  Several counties are still not using CCAP and have no data in that database.  Furthermore, the information in CCAP is based solely on name, while all arrest information at DOJ is based on fingerprint identification.

No data returned from the Department of Health and Family Services may be found in CCAP.  Wisconsin Statutes designate the Departments of Justice and Health and Family Services as the agencies that must be checked to satisfy the requirements in the caregiver legislation.

The disclaimer from the CCAP website is as follows:


The data available in the CCAP database is limited by:

One county (Walworth) does not use CCAP, and therefore do not have data on WCCA.

Some counties currently use CCAP for selected case types. Portage has data only for Probate cases.

Counties that are on CCAP began using it at different times and made independent decisions about the "backloading" of pre-CCAP cases.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court rule on Records Retention (SCR 72) establishes time periods after which case files, including electronic files, may be destroyed or deleted.

All the data in the CCAP database is entered in the individual counties where the case files are located.

The CCAP website is a good resource and a link to it may be found on the welcome page of the DOJ internet record check application.  Recent changes have removed several pieces of information to protect privacy in certain cases.  A complete date of birth is provided only in criminal cases.  Day of birth has been removed from all other files.  The driver license information has been removed from the files.