Criminal History Background Check

     Criminal History Background Check

CIB Record Checks

Attention: No new accounts will be created as of March 15, 2016. CIB will launch the new WORCS on April 4, 2016 for new account applications and account updates.

Please continue to use INTCH to run background checks while WORCS is under construction.

Online record checks for account customers Having trouble reaching the login page?

Online record checks for credit card customers Having trouble reaching the credit card page?
For customers that do not have a DOJ account, but would like to submit a CIB record check using a credit card. Online record checks are designed for people to check their own history or for employers to check their employees. If you need a "police certificate", "statement of good conduct", or a certified copy of a record check you must mail in the request form Single Subject Record Request DJ-LE-250 and include a letter asking for a certified check.

Print Forms for Record Checks by Mail
To obtain record check forms used to submit your record check by mail. The forms are available in PDF and Microsoft Word formats. PDF and Word viewers are also made available when you follow the link.

If you have operational questions or problems regarding the Wisconsin Record Check web site, please contact the Administrator at 608-266-7780 or by email to: